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Artisan sector honoured at food awards

The country's artisan sector has been honoured at a major food competition.

The annual EirGrid Euro-Toques Awards, voted on by the members of Euro-Toques Ireland, a community of cooks and chefs established in 1986 by Myrtle Allen, took place yesterday.

This year the event received the highest number of nominations from chefs for artisan food producers since the awards' inception in 2005.

The nominated producers covered a wide array of categories, from artisanal beers and spirits to hand-cooked crisps, brand new farmhouse cheeses, and grass-fed poultry.

The winners ranged from brand new businesses to multi generational companies.

Euro-Toques Ireland Commissioner General Wade Murphy said: "The artisan sector in Ireland has grown so much in the last 10 years, there's almost nothing Irish artisans don't produce."