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Arson attack at house is second time family has been targeted


The car destroyed in the arson attack

The car destroyed in the arson attack

The car destroyed in the arson attack

A Dublin family had a lucky escape after their home was targeted in an arson attack in a case of mistaken identity.

The shocking incident happened just two days before Christmas, and is the second time the innocent family's property has been hit.

In the latest attack, a car was completely destroyed after it was set on fire outside the home in Kingswood, Tallaght.


A front window of the house was also damaged and the family said the incident could have ended tragically if a neighbour had not alerted them.

"It happened two days before Christmas at around 5.35am, my neighbour rang me and told me to get out of the house because there was a fire," Derek Carroll told the Herald.

"I thought 'Jesus' - so me and my daughter got out of the house and saw the car on fire in the driveway.

"Luckily my one-and-a-half-year-old grandson wasn't in the house at the time, he left earlier on," Mr Carroll added.

"It also happened five weeks before that when two cars were damaged, a note was left for someone who doesn't live at the house regarding a drug debt.

"We want the people behind this to know that they're going after the wrong house.

"It was a disaster, and somebody could have been killed if we weren't woken up.

"The Fire Brigade were fantastic as well and responded very quickly.

"There is obviously something very serious behind these attacks and we want to highlight the fact that the wrong home is being targeted," Mr Carroll said.


In the other attack on November 5, oil was thrown over two cars at Mr Carroll's home, as well as the house itself, causing considerable damage.

Officers from Clondalkin Garda Station are investigating both incidents, but no arrests have yet been made.

Investigating gardai have gathered CCTV footage of the crime, which shows a young person dousing the vehicle in petrol before setting it alight.

In a similar unrelated incident earlier this month, a family were lucky to escape uninjured after their caravan was set alight in their front garden.

A couple and their four children were in their home in the Bawnlea estate when the incident happened.

Officers at Tallaght Garda Station are investigating the incident of criminal damage, which occurred shortly after 3am on December 6.

The family's caravan was burnt out and damage was also caused to the front door of the property.

However, this incident is not believed to be linked to the Kingswood arson attack.