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Arrest warrant for troubled girl

A JUDGE has ordered the arrest of a girl, who has gone missing from HSE care for the 36th time in recent months.

The troubled teenager (17) has pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to criminal damage to a door at a residential children's care home in north Dublin, on May 30 last. Last month, she had spent a week in custody and was later released.

The teenager had been remanded to appear again yesterday. However, she did not turn up for the case.

Three bodies found in tree

An unemployed tree-trimmer arrested after a teenage girl was found bound and gagged in his basement pointed the way to the bodies of her brother, mother and another woman, hidden in a hollow tree, authorities said.

Matthew Hoffman, an ex-convict, is the only suspect in the killings, Knox County Sheriff David Barber said.

Four held over high-rise fire

Chinese police detained four more suspects today in connection with a fire that gutted a high-rise apartment in Shanghai on Monday killing 58 people, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Anxious to ease alarm among residents, local officials detained eight people on Tuesday. The fire swept through a 28-storey high-rise in China's commercial centre.