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Army dad and son off on mission to Lebanon

Troops have been put through their paces before deployment to Lebanon next month.

Father and son Sergeant Anthony Jinks and Private Corey Jinks will be among 330 members of the Defence Forces who will serve as peacekeepers.

They took part in a mission readiness exercise at the Glen of Imaal, where they faced a series of scenarios.


Major General Ralph James, deputy chief of staff (operations), said he was impressed by the standard of training, professionalism and leadership he witnessed.

"I know this unit will continue the long and proud tradition of Irish soldiers putting themselves in harm's way for peace and security overseas," he said.

The members of the 107th Irish Finn Battalion have been undergoing the final phases of an intensive training exercise in preparation for their mission with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil).

The battalion will occupy a new post, which will be renamed Camp Shamrock, around 7km from the Blue Line boundary between Lebanon and Israel.

Some 177 Finnish soldiers deployed by their country are an integral part of the mission.

Commander Lieutenant Colonel Dave Dignam, a native of Dublin, said: "We have a tough six months of duty ahead of us, including Christmas away from home, but I have full confidence in my multinational team to get the job done."