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Armed raider snatches €17k in bank terror

A MAN armed with a shotgun terrorised customers and staff before running off with €17,000 from a bank in south Dublin.

The raid was on the Bank of Ireland in Rathfarnham.

Gardai are expected to study CCTV and are appealing for information from anyone who was in the area around 3pm yesterday.

It is understood that the lone raider casually walked into the bank and demanded cash.

No shots were fired but terrified staff handed over a quantity of cash believed to be in the region of €17,000.

Witnesses said the man made his getaway on foot. It is believed he wore a mask during the raid.

Sources say that CCTV footage from surrounding stores will be crucial in trying to identify him.

In a separate investigation, two gangsters described as "major criminals" remain in garda custody after detectives caught them laundering €50,000 of stolen cash in a sink full of water after a cash-in-transit robbery in Tallaght.


A source said: "These are very serious criminals who have been causing absolute mayhem for almost two years -- they have been involved in murder, knife and gun attacks, armed roberries and dealing crack cocaine and crystal meth."

A man and a woman who were arrested with the gangsters at a house house in the Cloonmore Green area of Tallaght were released from garda custody last night.

One of the suspects still in custody is from the Ballyfermot area and is in his early 20s.

He was very friendly with murdered Tallaght drug dealer Stephen O'Halloran (20) who was shot dead in January 2009.

His gang has been involved in several violent incidents, including the murder of Kevin Kenny (32), who was stabbed to death outside a Ballyfermot pub in August 2011. It has also been dealing in crack cocaine and crystal meth.

His mob is also suspected of shooting up a number of houses as well as armed robberies in the Ballyfermot, Clondalkin and Tallaght areas.

The other suspect is a 28-year-old crack cocaine addict from the Tallaght area who is on bail after being sentenced to jail last month for heroin dealing, theft, and burglary.