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Armed gardai on alert as Kinahan mob fly in for boxing events


Slain Gary Hutch

Slain Gary Hutch

Slain Gary Hutch

A special policing plan involving armed gardai will be put in place next weekend in the capital when members of the Christy Kinahan cartel are expected to be out in force for two boxing events.

Garda management are concerned that the bouts, which take place at the National Stadium and a venue in Clondalkin next Friday and Saturday, could lead to assassination attempts.

There have been major tensions between the cartel and associates of slain Gary Hutch since his murder in Spain last September.

In recent days, members of the cartel have been spotted in the Oliver Bond flats complex and other parts of the south inner city.

The Herald previously revealed that Gary's uncle - former criminal mastermind Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch - has refused to attend a 'clear the air' meeting with the mob.

The last time that the Kinahan cartel were in Dublin - for a major boxing event in late October - one of their close associates was almost murdered in a botched shooting attempt at the Red Cow Hotel, which was linked to the fall-out from the Hutch murder.

Liam Roe, a first cousin of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, was taking a cigarette break outside the hotel when a hitman approached him - but the gun jammed.

Gardai do not believe that Roe was a specific target, but that there is a shoot-to-kill policy on any cartel associates since the assassination - and that this policy still stands.


Since that incident, the Kinahan mob has blamed a young associate of slain Gary Hutch for the attempt on Roe's life.

This young criminal, who is now in hiding, is said to be "absolutely heartbroken" about the murder of Hutch, and is believed to have sworn revenge after the assassination in the 'Costa Del Crime'.

He has been joined by another criminal, who sources say has cut his ties with the cartel over the Hutch murder. This north inner city thug is suspected of carrying out the murders of both Paul Kavanagh last year and Eamon 'The Don' Dunne in 2010 on behalf of the cartel, but is no longer connected to them.