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Armed gardai expected to watch over Ryan’s funeral


Vinny Ryan and (right) bullet holes in his car in Finglas

Vinny Ryan and (right) bullet holes in his car in Finglas

Vinny Ryan and (right) bullet holes in his car in Finglas

An armed garda presence is expected at tomorrow’s funeral of murder victim Vinny Ryan, which is set to include a republican ceremony.

Members of the Special Detective Unit (SDU) as well as local detectives will keep surveillance on proceedings to ensure that the service passes off peacefully.

Alan Ryan, the 25-year-old’s brother, was buried amid a military display at his Donaghmede funeral in 2012.

A group of paramilitaries dressed in green fatigues with their faces covered fired a number of shots over Ryan’s coffin as his remains were transferred from the family home to The Church of the Holy Trinity.

Gardai suspect Alan Ryan (32) was gunned down by a criminal gang led by drug dealer ‘Mr Big’. Detectives are investigating whether ‘Mr Big’ was involved in the murder of Vinny Ryan, as well as examining a host of other “complicated theories” in connection to his death.

Vinny Ryan was shot dead a week ago as he sat in a white Volkswagen Golf on McKee Road in Finglas. A silver Golf, suspected of being the getaway vehicle was later found burnt-out in Co Kildare.

Ryan’s funeral will take place in the same church as that of his brother’s four years ago, before he is brought to Fingal Cemetery for burial.

The ceremony will not include a military display involving gunshots, but a Republican display is planned.

Armed members of the SDU will be at the funeral as “a matter of precaution”, and will be supported by uniformed gardai and local detectives from stations across the Dublin Metropolitan Region North Division.

“There will be a heavy garda presence at the funeral, but it is as a precaution and the event is expected to pass off peacefully.


“It is a measure to ensure that no further attacks take place, and gardai will attempt to keep a discreet presence so that the family can bury Vinny in peace,” a source said.

In a statement released on behalf of the Ryan family over the weekend, Vinny’s brother Dermot Ryan claimed Vinny had cut his ties with the Real IRA prior to his death.

Alan and Vinny Ryan were previously senior members of the republican organisation.

Their brother Dermot also refuted any suggestion Vinny had an involvement in the Regency Hotel murder of David Byrne (34) on February 5.

“It has been alleged that Vincent was questioned in relation to the provision of AK-47s used in the Regency Hotel attack, this allegation is totally without foundation,” the statement said.

The family also disputed suggestions that Ryan was knowingly driving a vehicle registered to a member of the Kinahan cartel on the day he died.

“It has (also) been alleged that Vincent was driving a car previously owned by a drug dealer. Vincent purchased the car from a well-known garage in the Dublin area, and we have provided the Garda with the purchase documents and the identity of the garage and asked them to investigate the matter.

“Vincent, just like any other citizen who purchases a car in a garage, would not be aware of who the previous owners were,” the statement read.