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armed for christmas

One client of mine refuses to brush her teeth while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. All she sees is her bingo wings flopping about.

That is the back of the arm or the tricep, which is basically two thirds of the arm size.

If not toned they can look quite bulky. If your diet is full of junk food the upper arm can also be prone to cellulite. The same applies to men.

The answer is to complete our very simple arm programme and change your eating plan to stay away from junk food - and read the labels of all processed foods.

And don't be fooled. I recently checked out the label of turkey sausages, which give the impression of being lean and healthy.

Yet reading the label they contained chicken fat, beef fat and sodium additives.


So in order to tone your arms or any other body part, remember the food you eat will show on the body in the form of increased fat levels and cellulite, which is just fat.

So eat good wholesome food and follow our bicep and tricep-toning plan.

Use 2.5kg dumbbells or bottles of water.

Don't use heavy weights and keep all exercises in the 15 to 20 repetition range.

Do three sets of 20 reps of the following - adding them to your first session of bottom-toning exercises from last week.

Next week we will work on back and bust then legs.

>Pat Henry

Jen Feighery