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Are ties now a thing of the past?

"It kind of chokes me. I don't particularly like them. But I like when I see men wearing them. They look good on both men and women but I think men look better in them." - Liliana Cobaschi, (32), from Dublin, who wears a tie as part of her work uniform

"I like them. It's the class, the sophistication, the attitude. Years ago people wore them a lot more but I don't know anyone who would wear one now unless it was to go to a wedding or a funeral." - Catherine Joyce, (32), from Ballymena, Northern Ireland

"I think they're nice. They make everyone look classy and more professional. It makes them look like they've made an effort."

- Kate Aherne, (20) Phibsborough

"We don't have to wear them at work but I have nothing against them. They're nice to wear in a formal situation but I wouldn't want to have to wear one." - Sean Hodson, (23), from Artane, north Dublin who works at a call centre

"Even some of the senior people don't wear them. But I like ties. I have hundreds of the bloody things." - Brian Paton, (46), a corporate finance worker from Bettystown, Co Meath.

"I only wear a tie because it's part of my uniform. It's somewhere to hang the glasses. I have quite a few in the wardrobe but I never put them on." - Mick McCarville, (59), a Bus Eireann driver from Co Kildare.