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April Collins hopes to wed sex attacker when he leaves jail

The former girlfriend of Limerick mobster Ger Dundon has vowed to marry her current partner, a convicted rapist, when he gets out of prison.

April Collins (26) has a daughter with sex attacker Thomas O'Neill (26), who received a ten-year sentence for his part in a gang-rape on a woman in Co Clare in 2004.

He was released in 2012 but in October last year was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in connection with a violent street robbery.

April Collins, who has three children with Ger Dundon,
has visited O'Neill in prison and said she can't wait to marry him. Now calling herself April Thomas O'Neill she posted
photographs on Facebook of herself, O'Neill and their daughter.

She previously posted messages saying: "Together forever. Love you lots Tom", and "Love you. You will be my husband soon. I love when you smile sexy."

O'Neill has had April's name tattooed across his neck as a symbol of his devotion to her.


Last year, Collins helped bring down the notorious Dundon gang when she became a State witness in the Shane Geoghegan murder trial.

The innocent rugby player and dad-of-one was killed after being shot in a case of mistaken identity as he returned home in November 2008.

Ger Dundon's brother John had put out a hit on a man named John McNamara, but hired killer Barry Doyle shot Geoghegan in error. It was April's evidence against the Dundon gang boss that resulted in a guilty verdict at the murder trial and Dundon getting a life sentence.

Ger Dundon (27) was freed from jail in January after a five-year sentence for public order offences. He was given early release after being jailed for violent disorder which linked him and other members of the infamous McCarthy-Dundon gang to efforts made to collect €20,000 they claimed they were owed by a nightclub boss.

The Limerick mobster now stays clear of the city as much as possible because of threats to his life from former associates who have warned him he is a "dead man".