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Apprentice star Jackie considers run for Dail seat


Jackie Lavin and Bill Cullen

Jackie Lavin and Bill Cullen

Jackie Lavin and Bill Cullen

Businesswoman Jackie Lavin is considering running for the Dail.

The long-term partner of Bill Cullen said she would consider entering the political fray, and she would run on a business-based platform to help bring back entrepreneurs.

Ms Lavin, who appeared on The Apprentice with partner Bill, revealed that she was approached previously about running for election.

"I was asked to run in the European elections last year, but I wasn't ready.

"I was shocked because it was something I hadn't considered, but you can't be a hurler on the ditch forever.

"A critic's job is very easy; we can all be great critics, but there comes a time where you have to go do it and make a difference.

"So we will see, but it is something I am giving great thought to at the minute," Ms Lavin said.

She revealed that if she does run for election, she will be running on a business-based platform in the Leinster region.

She says Ireland's entrepreneurs have been sold down the river by Enda Kenny's cabinet.


"If I did run, I would run on a business platform to look after entrepreneurs, because they create jobs and never ask for anything.

"They are not like the farmers in the food industry who are constantly getting hand-outs, and maybe they deserve it and good luck to them.

"But entrepreneurs don't get that, and that part of society has been devastated and wiped out. That's why there was so much suicide and mental anguish in Ireland, because people felt devastated that they had lost a family business that had been built up for years by fathers and grandfathers," she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Lavin revealed that she had been "kind of disappointed with the semi-launch" last week of Lucinda Creighton's new party.

"Why would you do a half-baked launch like that? They didn't even have a name. I was hugely disappointed with that because I have huge admiration and respect for Lucinda and she has huge potential and credibility, but that half-launch really set them back.

"You have to put your best foot forward on day one and I thought it was very weak," Ms Lavin added.