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'Apprentice makes me sick' - Jen Maguire

IT was the show that made her famous but RTE star Jen Maguire has revealed that even hearing the music of The Apprentice makes her feel sick now.

The raven-haired beauty appeared on the reality show in 2007 but now, as it hits screens again, she has spoken out against the show.

"As soon as I heard the music I felt like puking all over the TV as the memories came flooding back," she said.

The Republic of Telly Star didn't get along too famously with the millionaire businessman Alan Sugar.

"It wasn't meant to be and myself and the then Sir Alan didn't really see eye to eye," she joked.

The 34-year-old reported that the contestants all contracted a "gross" bout of athletes foot from a shared shower.

"There was also the horrible dose of athlete's foot which we all caught from using the only shower. Gross but true," she said.

Dishing the dirt on the show, which sees business wannabes competing for a dream role in Sugar's empire, Jen said she felt that the contestants daily lives were extremely demanding.

"The food isn't great and to say we were looked after would be a lie. I don't think we ever had a decent meal and instead ate takeaways for weeks on end."

"And the lack of sleep is another form of torture you have to undergo," she said.

Tuning in now she pities this ninth round of contestants on the show.

"When I watched it the other night I felt so sorry for the contestants sitting there in the boardroom for what seems like an eternity," she said.

"You are literally in there for up to three hours as the production team push you to the limit."

Roisin Hogan and Pamela Uddin are the two Irish hopefuls taking part in this season and are holding their own according to the expectant mum.

"The Irish girls on the new season did really well and are just keeping quiet and getting on with it which is normally a good thing," she said in her Irish Sun on Sunday Column.