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Apple lifts lid on device

Computer giant Apple is expected to launch its new tablet computer today which could kickstart a £600m a year industry.

The tablet -- which combines the processing power of a laptop with the portability of a smartphone -- is expected to be unveiled at a press conference in San Francisco this afternoon

If Apple does launch a tablet it will be joining a market which business advisory firm Deloitte believes could be worth more than £600m a year globally, predicting tens of millions of units will be sold in 2010.


Paul Lee, Deloitte's director of knowledge and research, said: "While it is difficult to forecast sales of devices whose specifications are unknown, some analysts estimate 12-month sales from launch of over one billion dollars. This is larger than global sales of personal navigation devices."

Apple has remained tight-lipped about its announcement but the internet is awash with speculation about the product's specification and even its name - with bloggers favouring the iTablet, iPad or iSlate.

T3's deputy editor Luke Peters is predicting the tablet will transform the publishing industry.