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Apple could sell 10m iPads this year

Apple could sell as many as 10 million of its new iPads this year, a leading technology analyst has forecast, doubling previous expectations and pushing the technology giant's shares to new highs.

Apple's latest gadget – a tablet-sized personal computer which operates on software from its successful iPhone device – is due to go on sale in the US this Saturday, April 3.

Katy Huberty, analyst at Morgan Stanley, believes that Apple's iPad suppliers are forecasting shipments of 8-10 million units by the end of December, up from previous estimates of 5 million units.

Ms Huberty also disclosed in a research note that the suppliers believe 2.5 million iPads will be shipped in the first three months of sales alone, creating a "significant earnings upside" for Apple.

Shares in the company rose $2.06 to $232.96 on the news, more than double their value at this time last year, having earlier touched a new all-time high of $233.87.

Further evidence of the demand for the new product came from the company itself, which said that in the US, iPads ordered now will not be despatched from suppliers until April 12, more than a week after the initial launch date.

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