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Apology - Prof John Crown

In editions of the Evening Herald dated December 28 2009 and January 19 2010 we carried articles concerning Professor John Crown.

Those articles dealt with Professor Crown's involvement in the TV3 news bulletin relating to Mr Brian Lenihan's pancreatic cancer. Professor Crown did not speak about Minister Lenihan but merely discussed the issue of pancreatic cancer generally.

Our later article suggested that the Medical Council had received and were investigating a complaint in respect of Professor Crown's involvement in the programme. This was not correct.

We wish to apologise to Professor Crown for our publication and for the distress caused to him. A donation has been made to the Cancer Clinical Research Trust in settlement of this matter.

African frog in box of bananas

An African frog was adjusting to a new life at a zoo today after being found in a box of bananas by a market trader.

The Banana Tree Frog, thought to be from the Ivory Coast, was found at Cambridge market earlier this week, said the UK's trading department. A spokesman said officers collected the frog and took him to a nearby zoo.

'Vulnerable' teen on the run

A warrant has been issued to find a "vulnerable" 16-year-old girl who absconded from care.

She appeared at Dublin Children's Court charged with criminal damage to a door at a care home in north Dublin, on May 30 last. But she left during a break in the court case. Defence solicitor Catriona Keane said the girl feared she would be remanded in custody.

Judge Bryan Smyth agreed to issue a bench warrant for the teen's arrest and was assured it would be done with discretion.

New drug 'can prevent stroke'

The anti-clotting drug cilostazol may work better than aspirin in preventing secondary stroke, a study in Japan has found.

Researchers said it reduced by 26pc the risk of recurrent stroke compared with aspirin. The study was funded by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, which manufactures cilostazol under the name Pletal.