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Apology over Haiti rape claim

URUGUAYAN President Jose Mujica has apologised to Haiti's Michel Martelly over the alleged rape of a Haitian man by Uruguayan UN peacekeeping troops.

A video posted on the internet shows laughing Uruguayan marines pinning the young Haitian face down on a mattress and apparently assaulting him sexually.

"We apologise for the abuse that some soldiers of my country perpetrated," Mujica wrote to President Martelly.

The alleged victim, Johnny Jean (18) told Haitian radio stations he had been raped by Uruguayan marines and provided testimony to a judge in Port-Salut, where the attack allegedly took place in July.

US senator's affair charges

A FORMER US presidential candidate has asked a court to dismiss charges that he used illegal campaign funds to help cover up an affair.

John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator and John Kerry's vice presidential running mate in 2008, was indicted in June on six counts, including conspiracy, accepting nearly $1m (¤0.7m) in illegal campaign contributions and making false statements.

Edwards' attorneys have filed five motions to dismiss the charges.

Earthquakes around volcano

A SURGE of small earthquakes has been reported around Iceland's Katla volcano, but scientists said there is no immediate concern that this will trigger an eruption.

"It's one of the most feared volcanos, so we're closely monitoring it," said Pall Einarsson of the University of Iceland. "It's normal for earthquakes to be detected around Katla. What's a bit unusual is that we're seeing swarms of small earthquakes, occurring every 10 minutes or so."

Half of convicts are Hispanic

MORE than half of all people sent to US prisons so far this year for felony crimes were Hispanic.

Hispanics reached a new milestone, making up the majority of all federal offenders in the first nine months of 2011, said the US Sentencing Commission.

Hispanics comprised 50.3pc of all people sentenced in that period, blacks 19.7pc and whites 26.4pc.