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Aoibheann just loves jto flex her muscles

She's known for playing Caoimhe Dillon in Fair City and now actress Aoibheann McCaul (inset) revealed that the secret to her trim figure is lifting weights.

"I'm still working out as much as possible - I love lifting weights," she told the Diary.

"My training partner is Laura, who's also a trainer in the gym and we have our training sessions together.

"She was in a competition last weekend so I went down to Limerick to support her at the Irish Bodybuilding Championships," she continued.

But while she has an avid interest in lifting weights, Aoibheann says she won't be competing any time soon.

"Laura is really good so it was great to go down and support her but I'd never compete myself to be honest," she revealed.

"I just do not have the discipline.

"I've seen how hard she works and yes I would do all the workouts but I would not be able to eat that clean. I'm not that good," she laughed.

Although Aoibheann does admit that she used to be afraid of bulking up by doing weights, her new regime has totally changed her mind.

"Before I would never have done weights for the fear that I would bulk up and look like a man, but that's so not the case, it's pretty much impossible."


She's busy starring in Ireland's top soap but Aoibheann says she wouldn't rule out appearing in a Christmas panto.

"I would gladly do panto because I think that's the extent of my talents," she laughed.

"I might invest in singing lessons or something like that but not any time soon anyway.

"I'd be more like your quirky funny character that just plays for laughs," she added.