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Anton gets clamped on his first day at Today FM


Anton  Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage tieh The Edge's guitar in Today Fm studios on 26/1/2015

Anton Savage tieh The Edge's guitar in Today Fm studios on 26/1/2015


Anton Savage

ANTON Savage's new Today FM weekday slot was not without it's hiccups with a clamping incident and an unfortunate social media gaff.

However, the 37-year-old's first day in Ray D'Arcy's old chair was widely well-received.

The former Ireland AM presenter - who moved from his Sunday morning slot following D'Arcy's shock departure - bagged a Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Spacey for his first interview.


It was all going so well until Savage received a text message halfway through the show to say his car had fallen victim to Dublin's clampers.

The experienced media operator told listeners he had arrived at Marconi House so early that he had forgotten to pay for his parking space.

Meanwhile, he also became aware that the Anton Savage Show had gained an unfortunate Twitter hashtag - #ASS.

"The decision not to rename the show may have been a mistake," Savage quipped on air.

He spoke to House of Cards star Spacey about finally winning a Golden Globe after having been nominated eight times previously.

The pair got along well with the actor admitting he was "surprised and delighted" with the win.

Spacey meanwhile, told listeners how the "snobbery" in the American showbiz industry in relation to TV work has disappeared.

The next series of his Netflix hit is released next month but the 55-year-old star wasn't giving much away about what's in store for shady politician Frank Underwood.

"I can guarantee you this, there will be scenes and there will be dialogue and there will be stuff that happens," he said.

As he settles into his new slot, Today FM execs will be hoping he'll retain Ray's listeners. He has anchored his own Sunday Morning slot at the broadcaster since 2011 and consistently increased his listenership during that time to 110,000 listeners in the most recent figures.

D'Arcy's old show - among the commercial station's biggest hits, had twice that audience level.

Savage has said he won't worry about the figures until he has been on air for more than a year.

"I'm not concerned about the JNLR figures at the outset. I think when you have any slot with a new person there's inevitably a dip," he said.

"Ray had a hugely loyal audience so I'd be surprised that in the first 12 months there wasn't some kind of dip."