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Another day, another defeat - but Dubs fans look to future

FOR some of the young Dubliners it was a third All-Ireland final in three weeks. But for Dubs fans the big disappointment about yesterday's replay loss to Tipperary was that they didn't perform until the second half.

Frank Bennett of Templeogue was very disappointed: "It's just a shame they didn't turn up on the day I think. They were an awful lot better the last time, but I think Tipperary were probably ready for them this time. They'd their work done. They had a plan and they put it in place and it worked out."

Like many supporters he felt that three All-Irelands in three weeks was just too much for the dual players.

"The dual players who were in the football last Sunday, like Cormac Costello, were very tired," he said.

Neil Bennett (14) added: "We're still the best county in Ireland."

Rathmines man Patrick O'Brien brought sons Connor (10) and Aiden (7) along to watch the Dubs and thought the team's second-half performance was too little too late: "We're disappointed that in the first half they weren't at the game. So in the second half they were okay but they had to go for goals. It's very hard to play three weeks running, but I think the dual players did their best."


"It's the one that got away," said Andy Cullen from Whitehall.

But he added: "Cormac Costello and Eoin O'Donnell from Whitehall Colmcilles; we're very proud of them and I hope they know that."

Niamh Cullen was also full of pride, saying: "There are some of those lads who have played five minor finals now in two years between the football and the hurling. So hats off to them."

Dubs fan Joe Sweeney is sure Dublin hurlers have a bright future: "Dublin have been doing well in the minors but Kilkenny are still the team to beat."