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Another blow from the banking boot boys

IF YOU want to see just how much contempt the 'Don of Dame Street' has for cash-strapped consumers then, look no further.

The Central Bank has already paved the way for banks to screw their customers with massive interest rates on credit cards, ludicrous charges to use ATMs and a green light for its members not to bother passing on ECB interest rate cuts.

But today's news that the so-called regulator allows financial institutions to charge grossly unfair and "out of order" charges for those of us who exceed our overdrafts, is another pounding from the banker boot boys of Temple Bar.

Like a mob of sneering and sniggering city boys, the banks have been given the green light to continue their mob rule by their 'Don', perched on his Dame Street ivory tower.

As someone not unfamiliar with exceeding my account limit every month, I, like many tens of thousands of people, am aghast that the Central Bank is doing nothing to prevent this disgusting behaviour.

But maybe the big surprise here would be if the Central Bank actually stepped in and did something for the Irish consumer.