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Anonymous donor's €100k reward in hunt for missing Trevor


Michele, Micheal, Pamela and Mark Deely Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Michele, Micheal, Pamela and Mark Deely Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Michele, Micheal, Pamela and Mark Deely Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

The brother of missing man Trevor Deely has said that the family still have hope of one day finding Trevor alive, 16 years on from his agonising disappearance.

Mark Deely's hopes of a breakthrough were boosted by yesterday's announcement that a €100,000 cash reward has been offered by Crimestoppers - from an anonymous donor - for anyone who has information on Trevor's disappearance.

Gardai yesterday confirmed that they are looking for a mystery man seen "acting suspiciously" outside Trevor's place of work on the night he went missing, and it is understood investigators are now considering foul play as a factor in his disappearance.


However, his family have said that, until they are provided with evidence of something sinister, they are "keeping an open mind" about what happened to him.

The 22-year-old Naas man disappeared without trace after a night out celebrating his work Christmas party on December 8, 2000.

"We're not naive people, but until somebody gives you the evidence that absolutely something sinister happened here, I think we're able to keep an open mind on everything," Mark told the Herald.

"It doesn't mean we're being foolish and saying he's going to walk in the door in the morning, but equally until we find some concrete evidence that he's not going to walk in the door in the morning, well then, let's just everybody keep an open mind on where he is at the moment.

"When Trevor went missing, he didn't have any nieces or nephews, he now has nine. Family occasions are hard. We would prefer if our brother was there.

"I have four daughters, I would love my girls to have known Trevor. They still might. Trevor was 22, starting out his career with his whole life ahead of him."

Gardai are especially keen to trace a man seen speaking briefly to Trevor as he entered his place of work - Bank of Ireland Asset Management Offices on Wilton Terrace - just after 3.30am on the day he disappeared.

Trevor then chatted briefly with a colleague in his office and collected an umbrella for the walk home, and was last captured on CCTV passing the Bank of Ireland ATM machine on Haddington Road at 4.14am.

Gardai believe that the male acting suspiciously outside of Trevor's place of work is the same male who is seen passing the Bank of Ireland ATM 34 seconds after Trevor that morning.

Mark said that his family are still hoping that somebody will come forward with breakthrough information.


"If you were to actually think about this too much, you'd drive yourself mad, because there's no logic to it and that's why we keep pestering the public about it," he said.

"It is such a mystery to us and we're the closest to it. We know all the facts surrounding it and we cannot make sense of it at all."