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Anniversary sees fresh flowers on the Don's grave

THE family of slain crimeboss Eamon "The Don" Dunne have marked the second anniversary of his death with glowing tributes to a "kind and loving son who had a heart of gold".

Dunne (34) was thought to be responsible for up to 17 gangland killings before his murder in the Faussagh House bar in Cabra two years ago, in front of his teenage daughter Amy.


It is believed the hit was organised by a north inner-city criminal gang with support from other criminals.

Fresh flowers were placed on Dunne's grave in Dardistown cemetery.

In the months before his death, Dunne came under increasing attention from gardai and rival gang leaders because of his involvement in at least a dozen murders.

He had also been warned by gardai that his life was in danger, and had taken to wearing a bullet-proof vest, but did not have it on him when he was gunned down.

In memorial messages taken out today, Dunne's parents say: "If we could write a story son, it would be the greatest ever told, of a kind and loving son who had a heart of gold.'

Gardai believe a four-man gang was responsible for the shooting of Dunne, and while two arrests have been made there have been no charges yet.