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Annie hadn't heard of Hozier before Grammys duet

They wowed crowds when they performed together at this year's Grammy Awards, but singing superstar Annie Lennox has revealed she didn't know who Hozier was before the ceremony.

The Scottish star explained that she doesn't keep up with what's going on in new music.

"I hadn't even heard of Hozier, because I live under a rock, basically, in terms of the music industry and what is out there currently," the former Eurythmics singer admitted.

"I think that's an appropriate place for me to be, in a funny way, because I've lived so many lives as a creative person."

Bray native Hozier shared the stage with Annie (right) as he performed his hit single Take Me To Church.

Speaking to Elle, music legend Annie also said that despite her long career, she can never tell if fans are going to like her music.

"I've been a performer for many years, and I cannot gauge what people will like, what they'll say, or what they'll take from it," she said.