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Anne may quit RTE after 33 years on our screens

LEGENDARY news anchorwoman Anne Doyle is considering bowing out of RTE after 33 years.

The top broadcaster has asked about her entitlements under a redundancy scheme at the station, although management have not yet given approval for her departure.

The 59-year-old news reader made inquiries about the €16m redundancy plan which aims to shed 75 staff from the payroll.

Today, an RTE spokeswoman said the station never comments on individual members of staff. Management must approve all applications as staff granted redundancy will not be replaced.

"Anne is a very highly respected member of staff as well as being very highly regarded nationally for many years," said the spokeswoman.

A source at RTE told the Herald: "A lot of people at RTE with her length of service would be interested in the redundancy packages. The financial situation is dire and there could be involuntary redundancies later on."

It is believed she would be entitled to a €36,000 lump sum as well as a pension of 50pc of her six-figure salary.

Last year, Anne declared she would like to embark on a second career as a lawyer when she leaves RTE. One of her friends, ex-RTE economics journalist Michael Roynane, was called to the Bar last year and she was by his side to share in the celebrations.

And speaking at the launch of the Walkers TV Now Awards last year, where she was up for the award for Favourite News/Current Affairs presenter for the third year running, she said: "I would eventually like to go into the legal profession. I have given it serious thought and it's something that I will do when I have more time.

"I wouldn't have a problem going back to college to study for it either. I'm sure I wouldn't frighten any of the young things," she said.

"But constitutional law is one of the toughest, as I understand it, so I don't know if I'd have the brains for it."

Speaking about her tenure at RTE, she said then: "I won't be there forever but I'll do it for as long as I'm enjoying it."

And she still can get a little nervous before going live on TV. She said: "I always get really edgy and cranky just before I go on air. Still to this day. But my colleagues are very good and understanding and they know if I do that it's just because I'm focused."

Dublin businessman Dan McGrattan has been her partner for several years. Last year, she said she was not in any hurry to go and get married.

"I'm far too young to be thinking about marriage," she said.

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