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Anne Frank pal dies aged 100 Have your say on skyscrapers

ONE of Anne Frank's helpers has died aged 100.

Miep Gies rescued the teenager's diary after the family was arrested by the Nazis in Amsterdam in 1944.

Ms Gies and several other employees of Anne Frank's father provided food and other necessities to the Jewish family while they hid in a concealed apartment for 25 months.

Anne Frank died of typhus in a concentration camp.

Ms Gies died yesterday after a short illness.

Have your say on skyscrapers

A new website goes live today for the public to have their say on high-rise buildings in Dublin.

A seven-year development plan is being posted online by city managers.

It aims to to maintain Dublin as a low-rise city, with skyscrapers restricted to few key sites such as the western outskirts and the Docklands.

Another aim is to get 15pc of Dubliners coming into the city centre by bike.

Michael Stubbs, assistant city manager, said the aim is to let as many people as possible see the draft plan for Dublin. The website www.dublincitydevelopmentplan.ie is live until March 12.