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Anne and Gaybo get the stamp of approval

RTE stars Anne Doyle and Gay Byrne say they are "deeply honoured" to appear on postage stamps being issued next Thursday.

The two veteran stars are joining RTE children's presenter Emma O'Driscoll on new stamps marking 50 years of RTE television.

A thrilled Gay Byrne told the Herald: "It's a great honour" and he joked: "The back of me will be licked all over the country!"

He quipped: "I believe I'll be on the 55 cent stamp which is the most popular one!"

Anne Doyle, who confirmed she is leaving RTE with an early retirement package, said: "I was astounded when told about the stamp at first. But I'm delighted and very honoured."

The extraordinary honour of gracing the nation's postage stamps as one of the most recognisable faces of RTE did not, however, make her think again about her decision to leave the station.

"It is truly marvellous to be appearing on a stamp. I'm told it is being issued on Thursday next week," Ms Doyle told the Herald.

"Of course, I'll be feeling mortified when I go into post offices now. A bit like how I feel when I walk into a shop and see my face on the front of the RTE Guide," she said.

She paid tribute to An Post for regularly issuing beautiful collections of stamps. She is a particular fan of An Post's animal stamps.

She said she had been involved in stamp collecting as a child but never dreamed she would end up on a postage stamp herself.

Gay Byrne said: "It is a great honour for me. A huge honour and a wonderful achievement. And I'm in great company with Anne Doyle."