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Animal rights activists pinch lobsters from Dublin restaurant



The activists said they had raised concerns about the lobsters' welfare to the restaurant before mounting their raid Credit: National Animal Rights Association

ANIMAL rights activists caught a Dublin restaurant by surprise when they ‘liberated’ nine lobsters from its dinner menu.

Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) targeted the Ka Shing restaurant on Dublin’s Wicklow Street and filmed their daring raid to clear out the Chinese eatery’s fish tank.

The group grabbed nine lobsters out of the tank before putting them into bags and fleeing.

The activists took the lobsters to Clontarf where they were released into the sea after rubber bands were removed from their claws.


During the raid, which was posted on YouTube, members of the group unfurled a banner in the street before they seized the lobsters.


A spokesperson for the restaurant said that the incident had been reported to gardai, adding that the raid had cost them almost €150 – the value of the lobsters.

NARA spokeswoman Laura Broxson, however, stood by the group’s action. “Would you boil a cat or dog alive? No. So why do people think it’s okay to do this to a lobster?

“They feel pain. They feel fear. They suffer,” she said.

“This was a life-or-death

situation for these lobsters, so for us, the choice was an easy one.

“What we did was an act of compassion,” Ms Broxson said.

The NARA said they had handed in leaflets outlining their concerns to the restaurant’s management some weeks ago, but had received no  response.