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Angry residents protest over rat infestation at flats


Erica Masterson, Amanda Dunne, Eithne Coyne at the protest

Erica Masterson, Amanda Dunne, Eithne Coyne at the protest

A rat found in one flat

A rat found in one flat


Erica Masterson, Amanda Dunne, Eithne Coyne at the protest

Residents of a Dublin flat complex say they are living in fear over the amount of rats invading their homes.

People living in the Dorset Street flat complex in the north-inner city said they fear children will become ill if nothing is done about the infestation.

Nearly 20 locals living in the area yesterday held a protest outside Dublin City Council (DCC) offices on Parnell Street to highlight their concerns.

Protesters claimed the council has been unhelpful and slow in tackling the situation.

Mother-of-two Amanda Dunne said she was horrified after finding a rat under her kitchen sink.

"I put chocolate on a trap and heard scratching yesterday morning and found the rat bouncing around the place," Amanda said.

"I have been trying to ring the council all week and I'm getting nowhere. I've been told that I will have to wait but nobody is telling me how long. It's a disgrace.

"All we want is something done," she added.


Last night a DCC spokesman said the area housing staff are "very proactive" and that it is preferable for tenants to contact staff directly in order to have face-to-face discussions.

They also claimed somebody had placed a dead rat inside their offices.

"Regretfully, this protest involved a dead rat being thrown into the offices which is not the way we would like to engage," he said.

"A number of individual complaints have been received over the last number of weeks and these were being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Historically there is a problem with rodents in every major urban area."

As a result of the protest a further 14 complaints were made to DCC and those properties were inspected yesterday.

"The main drains and sewers in the complex will be baited again [today] and further works to prevent vermin entering the complex will be carried out."