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Angry fan gets in to confront team

An angry England fan sparked a security alert by barging into the team's dressing room to blast the players for their woeful World Cup display.

The breach happened shortly after Wayne Rooney ranted at his own supporters as the team trudged off to boos after the 0-0 draw against Algeria.

The country's star striker shouted at cameras "nice to see your own fans booing you" at the final whistle.

The English FA formally complained to FIFA and will demand security is tightened after the security lapse at Cape Town's Green Point Stadium. A number of players, including former skipper David Beckham, were present when the intruder burst in to harangue them before being hustled out by England's own security staff.


An FA spokesman said: "A fan got in past FIFA security. We have formally complained to FIFA after the game and will follow it up in writing.

"This is not acceptable and thankfully no serious harm was done."

Fabio Capello's men must now beat group leaders Slovenia in the final game of the group stage to guarantee their progress in the competition.

A host of the country's best-known stars, including Rooney, were condemned for lacklustre displays as millions of fans back in England watched in dismay.

Rooney was singled out for most of the blame from fans.

Travelling supporter Duncan Jenkins (30), an accountant from Manchester, summed up the mood, saying: "At this rate Capello will be looking for a new job in the morning.

"It's rubbish. Rooney couldn't trap a bag of cement. And the team looks like it just doesn't care. There's no energy. 0-0 is just terrible."

Dave Jones (53) from Newcastle-under-Lyme, said: "Rooney seemed really out of sorts. To the average fan on the street it seemed he wasn't up for it.

"We've come half way around the world and all we are asking for is a little bit of effort, a little bit of passion."

His son, Matthew Jones (25), from Newcastle-under-Lyme, said: "He had a bad performance. He can't blame anyone else for that. It's obviously a lack of guts on his part."