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Angry brides-to-be storm shop after failing to receive dresses they ordered


Robelle Brides Annacotty, Co Limerick.

Robelle Brides Annacotty, Co Limerick.

Robelle Brides Annacotty, Co Limerick.

Angry brides-to-be stormed a shop after failing to receive the dresses they had ordered for their weddings.

A group of women, who had handed over substantial cash deposits for wedding dresses, rushed into the bridal shop and helped themselves to dresses on display in the shop.

The women said they complained to gardai about their problems in trying to secure the dresses they had ordered several months ago.

Around a dozen brides-to-be stormed the Robelle Bridal shop in Annacotty, Co Limerick, on Monday.

A number of customers waited outside the shop yesterday in the hope of meeting the owner, Shirley Flanagan (34), who opened the shop last December.

Her solicitor, Darach McCarthy, told the Herald he was "not in a position to comment at this time" about the claims made by the women.

When asked about the women's claims, Ms Flanagan said: "I've been advised I'm to simply reply with 'no comment'."

Gardai in both Henry Street and Castleconnell garda stations confirmed they have received a number of complaints, have taken several statements from those affected, and would be investigating the matter fully.


A number of Shirley Flanagan's customers went online to vent their fury after claiming they had still not received their dresses for their big day, despite parting with thousands of euro in deposits.

The shop, which was closed yesterday, was bare except for just five sample dresses.

The father of another distraught bride-to-be said his daughter met with Ms Flanagan and eventually received a dress similar to the one she had ordered.

In March 2013, Ms Flanagan pleaded guilty to fraud before Limerick District Court.

She admitted, dishonestly and by deception, inducing five men to give her money on the pretence they would be issued with a valid motor insurance policy, with the intent of making a gain for herself.

The five drivers were employed in Flanagan's father's taxi company.