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Anglo's Fitzgerald's getaway: Sun, sea, Jacuzzi, top nosh – wish you were here?


Le Brasilia Camping, Canet en Roussillon, France resort. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Le Brasilia Camping, Canet en Roussillon, France resort. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Le Brasilia Camping, Canet en Roussillon, France resort. Photo: Doug O'Connor

SUNSHINE and happy campers all round – even when he's on a camping holiday, Peter Fitzgerald likes to do it in style.

There was no pitching a tent or worrying about cooking beans over an open fire.

The south of France is filled with campsites offering blue skies and sandy beaches – but five-star Le Brasilia near Canet En Roussillon – is a cut above.

Of course for the low rent types you can find a patch for your tent at a reasonable price.

But for the upmarket tourist there are chalets and cottages, all the way up to the three-bed Les Creoles cottage that cost €165-a- night, rising to €233-a-night in the high season.

There are only 22 of these cottages and Peter Fitzgerald is holed up in one of them.

In its brochures Le Brasilia says: "Our village is a natural garden in which you will feel far away from everything and so very close to your dream holiday.

"Here in the south of Languedoc Roussillon, the days flow by in an atmosphere of gentle festivity, between the sea and the blue sky, the warmth of the sand and the cool of the water."

It's a long way from the grey skies of Dublin where conversations have been dominated by the Anglo tapes for five days now.

Fitzgerald has had plenty to distract him from that thorny issue. When it comes to entertainment, here boredom isn't an option. After a day of Tai Chi, water aerobics, beach volleyball, archery, or the use of miles of golden beaches, you can unwind in the bar where live entertainment is supplied.

The resort has a large landscaped swimming pool and jacuzzi, a patisserie, a vegetable shop, a butcher, a doctor's office, a supermarket, and the bar and restaurant has a menu that reads like a gastronome's dream. For starters you can have Cabecon goat's cheese wrapped in bacon with aubergine confit for €9.60. A simple tomato bread salad with Serrano ham is 20c dearer.

There are a range of fancy salad options and the seafood menu includes roasted prawns and red Basque peppers with bay leaf for €16. But if it's meat you want, the sirloin steak with a veal, cream, pepper and grape jus is around the same price.

Desserts, like the pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream, are around €5.

It's just the sort of place you would come to escape if you were a former top banker embroiled in a controversy that has left your native country reeling in shock and disbelief.