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Anglo steps up security after demos

ANGLO Irish Bank is bumping up its security measures in its offices throughout the country following a string of public attacks on the bank.

The toxic bank is tendering for the maintenance and supply of security systems for its offices in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Cork.

Security measures such as a swipe card system and CCTV cameras will be closely managed and maintained by a new company.

But sources close to the bank told the Herald that the security contract is "routine" and it is being employed as standard practice.

Despite this, the measure comes just shortly after attacks by angry taxpayers on Anglo Irish Bank last April 24 and May 15.

In May, four Eirigi activists occupied the roof of the bank headquarters in St Stephen's Green ahead of a protest against National Asset Management Agency (NAMA).


And seven people were arrested for public order offences at the building, where gardai allegedly were forced to draw their batons.

On April 24, Eirigi protesters locked themselves inside the headquarters in another protest against NAMA.

An Anglo spokeswoman insisted the establishment of a new security contract had no connection to earlier protests and the new security contract was routine. "It's for the access control system to the building," she said.