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Anglo have vendetta against dad -- Quinns

TWO of Sean Quinn's daughters have launched a scathing attack on Anglo Irish Bank -- accusing it of running a "vendetta" against their father.

Ciara and Aoife Quinn have slammed the bank as it pursues the bankrupt tycoon for billions of euro worth of debt.

The pair have claimed that the financial institution, now known as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, is trying to "bring the family down".

Ciara Quinn (35) -- who works for the insurance arm of the Quinn Empire -- said that she believes the bank is out to get her father.

"My father tirelessly worked seven days a week and he built something real and lasting for a community on its knees.

"My father has never taken a two week holiday. Never.

"I know they [IRBC] have it out for my father, but they seem determined to bring all of my family down," she said.

"This is no longer about pursuing debts, but some vendettas."

The business tycoon was worth €6bn just a few years ago but Mr Quinn, once the country's richest man, was declared bankrupt in the North last month.


IBRC have taken a case to try and overturn that ruling.

Aoife Quinn (30) admitted in an interview with the New York Times that her father is "no angel", adding that he will fight the bank tooth and nail.

"Put a dog into a corner, and it will come out barking," she said.

"They would blame my father for the fall of Europe if they could. I know he is no angel and not without blame, but they seem intent on dragging him down."

Mr Quinn branded last month's legal case as "stupid" and said: "If I am bankrupt, I'm bankrupt."

He blamed previous governments who he said "have made the mess" and said the collapse of the Republic's economy affected many people, adding "there was an awful lot of victims".

"People like me were foolish enough to get stuck in the height of it, and borrowed too much money, believed in banks and believed in institutions, believed the country was going to continue to expand," he said.

"And of course I was wrong and tens of thousands of other people were wrong, but maybe not to the same extent that I was."

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