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Anger as school lollipop service gets scaled back

A DUBLIN primary school is set to have one of their lollipop men withdrawn by the council.

St Louis Infant National School in Rathmines was informed of the decision by Dublin City Council last week.

The 1.25pm road crossing patrol will end on Monday, March 24, despite the fact that 310 pupils leave the school at that time.

Miriam Mulkerrin, principal of the school, said that she was "dismayed" at what she called a "senseless decision".

The lollipop ladies and men will now operate at the school between 8.25am until 9.05am, and later at 2.25pm until 2.45pm.


They help children cross the road at Leinster Road and Rathmines Road in the busy south Dublin suburb.

The school principal received a letter from DCC informing her that the afternoon road crossing patrol time is set to change.

"I am quite dismayed as these roads are extremely dangerous," she told the Herald.

"Quite frankly, I am nervous enough myself at times crossing Leinster Road or Rathmines Road due to the cavalier approach of motorists."

She said the DCC told her it was not a cost-saving measure and that other schools in the DCC area have yet to be faced with this measure.

However, the DCC school warden co-ordinator told Ms Mulkerrin that the service is "not warranted" at that time, as the school policy maintains that the junior pupils must be collected from the classroom door by a parent or guardian.

Parents also expressed their concern yesterday afternoon as they collected their children from the school. "I think it is a good idea that somebody is here. I would like to see it kept," said mum Oxana Bejenaru.

"The road can sometimes be dangerous."

While another concerned parent commented that she'd like to see the lollipop service kept, as she uses it regularly.

"I always come this way and use the lollipop service," she told the Herald. "I have to pick up my daughter. It's not very dangerous but it is busy."