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Anger as €70,000 playground to be built in 'quiet area'


Ranelagh Park gardens

Ranelagh Park gardens

Ranelagh Park gardens

Dublin City Council are to go ahead with plans for a €70,000 playground in a south Dublin suburb, despite objections from local residents.

The playground, which will be for children under the age of six, in Ranelagh Gardens in the south city, has been under consultation for over two years.

A group of more than 30 residents recently signed a petition in an attempt to get construction of the playground - due to begin on January 9 - halted.

Some residents living in the area are said to be extremely put out at the planned location for the playground - close to a senior citizens centre.

The park was designated as a 'quiet area' by the council in 2013.


"I am outraged that they are going to spend this money despite these reservations," Ranelagh resident Lee Dillon told the Herald.

"The senior centre is right beside the park and they are very upset."

Ms Dillon said residents are not against the playground, but take issue with its current design and location.

"All we ask for is to delay installation of the playground to allow for further community consultation," Ms Dillon said.

"If the council could press pause on this project, something far more sensible and sensitive to the park and its community could emerge."

However, Independent councillor Ruairi McGinley said that the planned construction will go ahead after a South East Area Committee meeting yesterday.

Mr McGinley said that the park's representatives did outline the concerns of residents to the council and they did their best to cater for these concerns.

"The council has taken a fair few of these points on board but at the same time are going to proceed," Mr McGinley said.

"The entry to the playground is over at the Northbrook Garden where most of the young kids are living. They are happy with it.

"The senior citizens are concerned about noise, but the project is much smaller than what they were talking about three years ago," he said.

In relation to the park's designation as a 'quiet area', he said the fact the park is for children under the age of six and will not permit older children will be in keeping with the park's designation as a quiet space.

He added the council will do a full-scale review six months after the playground opens.

A DCC spokesperson said they were not in a position to comment yesterday.