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Anger and fear rife as staff told of colleague

Health workers and relatives of patients at St Mary's Hospital spoke of their fear and anger, after learning that rapist Michael Murray had been given a job at the facility.

"We are very angry", said one health worker, a mother-of-five in her 50s. "I'm getting into my car in the evening and it's black dark. I don't feel safe. We are disgusted at the way we've been treated".

Another health worker, in her 40s, has spent two decades at the hospital.

"We should have been notified", she said. "I don't feel safe now, I'll feel very nervous coming to work. It's not fair on the old people who are in the hospital. If he is being supervised by the gardai I would feel better about that."

A woman, whose elderly mother is resident at St Mary's, said she was furious patients' families had not been told.

"I'm not saying there is any danger, but the point is we didn't know and weren't given the opportunity of having an opinion", she said. "This isn't someone who made a mistake being given a second chance. He raped again and again but he got a job here. Who are they trying to protect?"

A young nurse in her 20s said she was "very shocked" as she read about Murray's past.

A relative of an elderly lady who is being cared for at the hospital said: "I don't think anybody who has family here would be happy to hear something like this.

"Apart from anything else, it's a lonely enough location, and I've felt nervous coming up the steps here before. This is no reflection on the staff here, though, who have been fantastic."