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Andy Quirke hires bodyguard after Coppers crowd get too enthusiastic


Andy Quirke

Andy Quirke

Andy Quirke

Comedian Andy Quirke - creator of TV comedy dup Damo & Ivor - said he had to recruit a bouncer after he was mobbed outside Copper Face Jacks nightclub.

The comic said he wasn't prepared for finding sudden fame among the Irish public.

"I went out drinking one night and got out of a taxi outside Coppers," he said.

"I had people practically lifting me out of the taxi and into the air.

"Getting [a bodyguard] sounds a bit crazy but I was getting so frustrated.

"I know that people are trying to be nice and just come over for a chat but I think people forget that I'd been in Damo & Ivor mode all week and all I want is a quiet drink with my mates."

Rosanna Davison's brother-in-law said that he's not even that into the Dublin night scene.

"I'm sure people will go, 'Here mate, cop on, look at the time you're in'. But I'm the type who would rather stay at home and watch TV."