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Andrews' SF debut to target economy

CHRIS Andrews will next week attempt to win over his critics as he argues in favour of Sinn Fein's economic policies for the first time.

The former Fianna Fail TD has been unveiled as a keynote speaker at a Sinn Fein rally in South Dublin next Thursday.

Mr Andrews will attempt to persuade the public that the Sinn Fein approach is the "fairest way", as he positions himself as a candidate in next summer's local elections.

However, there is still major internal disquiet about the decision to accept Mr Andrews' membership of the party.


Sinn Fein sources, including a number of TDs, fear that Andrews is using the party coffers to rebuild his profile.

The sources maintain that his selection as a Sinn Fein candidate, which has not yet been officially ratified, is a "risk" and have expressed concern about his past negative remarks on Twitter about Gerry Adams.

"The jury is still out on Chris Andrews. Let's see what reaction he gets at next week's meeting," a senior party source told the Herald.

Mr Andrews said last night that recent controversy regarding Mr Adams' alleged role in the murder of Jean McConville has not been raised with him by the public.

Two high-profile republican figures claimed that Mr Adams ordered the murder of the mother-of-ten when he was a provo commander.

But Mr Andrews told the Herald: "That issue has nothing to do with next week's event and to be honest, nobody has raised it with me. This event is about showing the community that Sinn Fein has an alternative way and it should be tried."