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Amy's charity Bennett duet

A duet between Tony Bennett and the late Amy Winehouse is being released as a single to benefit a charity established by her father.

The classic pop standard Body and Soul that Winehouse recorded with Bennett in March is one of her last works. She died unexpectedly at age 27 on July 23, after a long battle with alcohol and drugs.

Proceeds from the single, will go to a foundation set up by Amy's dad, Mitch.

The Earth once had two moons

The Earth once had two moons, astronomers now think. But the smaller one smashed into the other 4.4 billion years ago in what is being called the "big splat".

The result was our planet was left with a single bulked-up and ever-so-slightly lopsided moon.

The astronomers came up with the scenario to explain why the moon's far side is so much more hilly than the one that is always facing Earth.

Experts said the idea makes sense, but they aren't completely convinced yet.

Japan fires nuclear bosses

Three senior nuclear policy officials have been fired in Japan amid scandals suggesting the government had grown too cozy with the nuclear power industry.

The move is the latest attempt to shake off criticism the government have not dealt sternly enough with nuclear power operators in the wake of Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The disaster triggered the near-meltdown at the Fukishima plant, the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

Sports star in poker probe

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez -- who has dated actresses Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz in the past -- will be questioned as part of a probe into illegal poker games.

Rodriguez (36) played in at least two high-stakes games, according to reports, and helped organise and participated in a 2009 poker game in Miami.

The player may face a suspension if his involvement is confirmed, ESPN said, citing an unidentified baseball executive.