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Amy's career may end up taking Brian abroad, hints dad

FRANK O'Driscoll – father of Irish rugby star Brian – has given the biggest indication yet that the player may move abroad when his playing days end.

Dr O'Driscoll paid an emotional tribute to his Grand-Slam winning son this morning.

Speaking ahead of the rugby hero's final home game against Italy in the Aviva stadium, Mr O'Driscoll said that he always knew that his son had a wealth of talent.


"I suppose [I knew] from a very early age, just watching his balance," he added.

"He struggled a bit early on, but like everything else he just waited for his time to come."

He also suggested that his son and his wife Amy Huberman could be heading off for pastures new.

"I presume that when he packs it in, he's going to take a nice big break from it, but he has irons in the fire," Frank revealed.

"He has Ultimate Rugby and of course there's Amy's career – it could take them abroad."

Looking back over his son's amazing career, Frank told how the family had experienced massive highs and lows.

The spear tackle in the match against New Zealand, which ended his son's part in the 2005 Lions Tour, was among the biggest of the upsets.

"I honestly think he dealt with it far better that we did," Frank said.

"The biggest upset we had of late was losing to the All Blacks in the last 20 seconds.

"The Grand Slam was probably the high point and we'll never forget the last 20 or 30 seconds when it looked like we were going to lose to a penalty."