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Amy was domestic and loved cooking, says fiance

THE fiance of singer Amy Winehouse has said his bride-to-be was normal, feminine and domestic.

Reg Travis has opened up about his two-year relationship with Amy Winehouse (below) -- who was found dead at her Camden home on July 23 -- on the day that was to be her 28th birthday.

The director has given the star's fans an insight into her life, saying she was normal, and liked cooking.

"Of all the people I have known, Amy was the most genuine. She lived a very normal life -- she was really good to live with.

"She liked watching TV and liked making food and cooking, that was important to her," he said.

"She was maybe a bit old-fashioned -- she was very feminine, she was domestic -- she enjoyed being like that."

He also revealed details about how he discovered the news that she had died.

"I saw I had a missed call from Amy's security guy.

"When I got to my office I rang and spoke to [him] -- he just said 'Reg, something terrible has happened', and that was it -- I dropped everything and went."