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Amy turns into BOD as celebs ham it up for Halloween night

CELEBRITY makeovers were all the rage last night as well-known Irish faces turned ghoulish and into their husbands.

Trick-or-treaters were in for a fright when Amy Huberman answered the door, dressed as her husband Brian O'Driscoll.

Amy was well prepared for the legions of children who were knocking in for the traditional treats.

However, the actress played her own trick on the young fans, dressing up in BOD's Leinster outfit and an oversized mask of his head. She posted the pic on Twitter and said: "Trying to rectify the kids on the road's disappointment that the other half is out this evening."

Comedian Dara O Briain had a crisis when he couldn't find a vital prop from his costume: some rosary beads.

"Growing up I couldn't avoid them, and now, when I need them for Halloween, can I find rosary beads? Truly He moves in mysterious ways," he said.

However, it came good in the end and he later posted a picture of himself as priest with actor Simon Pegg, saying: "The thing about Halloween is, we all have a different idea of what horror is."

Model Rosanna Davison opted for something a little bit more obsecure. With yellow hair and some creative pencil work on her face she fitted the role of comic strip girl just perfectly.

But prize of the night goes to Heidi Klum who decided to forsake her usual beauty for a more aged look in New York.