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Amy shouldn't be labelled a wag, says Dawn

NOVELIST Dawn O'Porter has defended close friend Amy Huberman who has spoken out about being labelled a WAG.

Dawn, who has previously interviewed Amy, said the actress should be applauded for challenging a journalist's comments that her private life with husband Brian O'Driscoll was more interesting than her career.

"She's been called a WAG. But Amy writes books and works really hard, and for someone to say to her that all that doesn't matter because all we care about is BOD is the most patronising thing ever," said the 35-year-old presenter.

Dawn, who is married to Roscommon actor Chris O'Dowd, described Hubberman's literary career, 
which has seen her pen 
two novels to date, as a 
"massive achievement".

"That's not someone sitting around spending their husband's money, just being a WAG. That should be 


Dawn recently fronted a Channel 4 mini-series on vintage clothing called This Old Thing, where she highlighted he throwaway culture of disposable fashion.

However, she wouldn't mind if she never appeared on television again as long as she could continue to write.

"There's just no feeling in the world like writing a book. I've always wanted to be a writer," she explained.

Earlier this year O'Porter released her second novel GOOSE, a follow-up to her successful debut Paper Aeroplanes, which chronicled the lives of best friends Renee and Flo.

O'Porter admitted there was always going to be pressure to meet the huge sales of her previous work but said: "I don't think I would put out a book unless I was really happy with it."