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Ambulance workers attacked on emergency call-out

TWO ambulance workers were assaulted this morning after they answered an emergency call to assist a person who was unconscious.

Gardai in Limerick confirmed to the Herald that the paramedics were assaulted in the St Mary's Park area of the city moments after they entered the suburb.

It is understood that one man was arrested following the assault on the emergency workers, which occurred around 2.50am.

The attack happened as the paramedics attempted to resuscitate a person in the Limerick suburb. Gardai responded to the incident and detained one man in the area.

One informed source said the victims were "called to help someone unresponsive and they were attacked in the course of their duties".

"It is a sad indictment when ambulance workers are assaulted as they go about their job to help others," he said.

Both of the paramedics were stood down from duty after the assault.

A garda source confirmed the incident.

"It was a very minor assault but there is a man in custody in relation to it," the source said.

It is understood that neither of the victims suffered any major injuries.

St Mary's Park is the oldest suburb in Limerick and was constructed in 1936.