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THE recently appointed British Ambassador to Ireland has adopted a furry friend and made him a VIP in his own home.

Julian King, who arrived here last September, has rehomed a nine month-old chocolate brown springer spaniel called Cadbury.

The animal lover says the little dog, who originally came from the Carlow/Kilkenny dog shelter and was handed over to him by Dogs Trust, is taking to the VIP lifestyle very well.

"She's a fully fledged diplomatic pooch. She's great, she's fitting in just perfectly. She's as mad as a hatter when she's in the garden and will chase anything that moves from a ball to a bird," he told the Herald. "But then, when she's inside, she's soft and fantastic with people."


The spaniel has already been present at a special dinner in the ambassador's residence, where she was surrounded by 20 guests.

"We had a big dinner on Tuesday night and with about 20 people standing around at one stage, she clambered up on the sofa and went to sleep. There was a slight panic when we thought we'd lost her, and it turned out that after ten minutes she'd crawled under the table and went to sleep there."

Mr King is an avid walker, and he first wanted to adopt a dog as a companion on his expeditions. He said: "I took her for a walk in Powerscourt on Sunday, and the idea is that she'll be coming with me pounding the highways and byways of Ireland."

Dogs Trust, an international dog charity which opened in Finglas last November, revealed it didn't organise its first VIP rehoming without doing the necessary checks.

"He fell in love with Cadbury, so she's now in diplomatic circles. We did a home check, so we followed all the procedures anyone else would go through," a spokesperson said.

"He's our first VIP re-homing. The ambassador had a look at different dog, and his wife works in Brussels so we sent her over some photos and details on the personality of the dog."

"They've been in touch with us, and so far Cadbury has learned to fetch already. The ambassador was trying to teach her with treats."