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Amazing tale of missing pet Samba who returned home again after 4 years

THIS mischievous mutt has returned home to his owner -- four years after disappearing.

Damien Godkin had given up on ever seeing Samba again after he bolted off across Wexford fields on a scent.

The setter and springer cross, is a gun dog at heart and Damien believes he was on a hunting mission when he disappeared on December 2007.

But just last week, the dad-of-one was stunned when Samba was returned to him four years later.

Just two streets away, a bunch of young boys found the dog, with his collar and contact details intact.

"I was lying on the sofa last Wednesday, I was just about falling asleep. I had one of those really bad days," said Damien, from Cromwellsfort, Co Wexford.

"Then I got a phone call and there were three young lads on the other end. They said 'We have your dog'. I said it couldn't be, but they said my name was on his collar. I was shocked."


Damien jumped into his car to meet the boys, Kristian Bunici, Richie Kielthy and Jason Busher.

"When I arrived, Samba rolled over on his stomach and put his feet in the air," he said.

"And then he just hopped straight into my car. It is just magical having him come back."