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Amanda's saying 'Hasta la vista, baby' to flab in shocking fitness regime


Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram has upped the fitness ante

Amanda Byram has upped the fitness ante


Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram has said 'hasta la vista, baby' to any potential Christmas bulge.

The TV presenter has resorted to an unusual technique to stay fit over the holiday season, joking she is "training to be a Terminator".


Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram

The Dubliner has been keeping her followers in the loop with regular 'fit not thin' updates.

Now Amanda has embraced a futuristic technique with a personal trainer administering her with regular electric shocks while she trains.

The former Total Wipeout presenter is attending gym sessions in London with an outfit called E-Fit where workouts are combined with electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology.


She posted two videos of the new regime to her Instagram account and although she remains all-smiles during the workout, the tag-line "Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ... Gets deep" perhaps says it all.

"Just call me Robo-Byram," she wrote. "Training to be a terminator."

The combined personal training and electro stimulation technique is billed as "the ultimate fitness solution."

The regime is designed to target specific or hard to train muscle groups by using EMS technology accelerates muscle growth with electoral impulses whilst improving your fitness and body shape faster than traditional gym workouts.

Byram, who turned 41 this summer, is not relying solely on 'Terminator' like technology to stay on top of her fitness goals however, she gave up drinking last year and regularly updates followers on her healthy diet.

Her monthly column for 'Your Fitness' magazine has a range of dietary tips for a healthy lifestyle.

"I often grab a protein shake on the go. Whilst they're not meal replacements, knowing when to take them and how to fit them into your life can make a massive difference," she writes.

"Juicing is the best form of detoxing, giving that poor overworked festive digestion system a well deserved break."

Her advice for a healthy start to January after the excesses of the Christmas season is to start eliminating processed foods "or anything that lasts longer than the natural shelf life" from your intake.

"I always say, don't complain if something goes off quickly - that's a clear sign it's natural and not pumped with preservatives which are toxic for the body," she said.


"Start using fewer canned foods, pre-packaged meats (pumped with salt), and anything that comes in a bag … Try to get back to nature. The benefits for your body and health will be immense."

Byram recently stripped totally nude for a photo shoot to encourage women to not be afraid of getting fit and regularly posts inspirational fitness mottos on her Twitter account.

She began her career as a model before getting her start in Television on TV3's 'Ireland AM' breakfast show and is best known for presenting the assault course game-show 'Total Wipeout' with Richard Hammond.

She is currently working in Britain as Co-Presenter of 'Weekend Brunch' on Channel 4.

Her inspirational fitness tweet for the day yesterday aimed to get her followers moving on to a healthier lifestyle before the seasonal binge fully kicks in.

"It's Fitspiration Friday! No "ill start Monday or 2015" Get moving NOW!" she tweeted.