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Amanda: I'll never have plastic surgery





TV star Amanda Byram has insisted that she would never get plastic surgery - no matter how scared she is of wrinkles.

The former Total Wipeout presenter (41) says she is "not a fan" of going under the knife - especially after presenting cosmetic surgery show The Swan.

"I'd love to say that fine lines 'tell stories' and 'they are what my life is made of' but the truth is I am fearful of the day they come in droves," she revealed.

"I think I have kept them relatively at bay until now. I doubt I would ever have surgery as my aim is to grow old as gracefully as I can."

Amanda (inset) also said that while she has no problem with people who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery, American reality show The Swan changed her personal view.

"I hosted The Swan in the USA for a few years and saw crazy stuff," she said.

"It's addictive and I'm not a fan, but if it makes someone feel better then who are we to judge?"

The former top model also said that beauty is quite an odd term to her.

"It really is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty itself is a misnomer," she said. "For me, beauty is in a person's confidence or sexiness. They are more important to me than what society considers 'beautiful'."


The former Ireland AM presenter said that she's really started caring for her skin as she's gotten older.

"I think Pond's cream was my first ever beauty buy," she revealed. "I wasn't really into beauty products until I got into my mid-20s; before then I was modelling and it didn't take much in my teens to have glowing skin. If only I knew then what I know now.

"I am a big believer in using non-toxic products. Our skin is our biggest organ and we lace it with toxic chemicals every day, so I stopped using all that stuff a few years ago," she added.

And it's evidently working with Amanda stripping off completely for a Women's Health Body For Life issue earlier this year .

"I trained hard for the shoot. If I was going to be naked, I wanted to feel my very best," she said.

"A year or so before I turned 40 I thought 'it's now or never'. I wanted to sculpt a strong body. I cut down on alcohol, gave up on red meat and focused on eating clean."