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Al's in running for top comedy award


Comedian Al Porter Picture: Naomi Gaffey

Comedian Al Porter Picture: Naomi Gaffey

Comedian Al Porter Picture: Naomi Gaffey

Comedian Al Porter has been nominated for a top international comedy award.

Porter, from Tallaght, is making waves abroad and is up for lastminute.com's Edinburgh Comedy Awards for his show, Al Porter At Large. The winner receives a cheque for £10,000 (€11,750).

Other Irish comedians including Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran have won the top prize at the Edinburgh Fringe in the past.

Porter (23) faces some stiff competition from James Acaster, Kieran Hodgson and Tom Ballard.


"I'm over the moon and so surprised and thrilled," he said.

"I've been having a ball with audiences of all ages over here in Edinburgh.

"To be nominated for this award, like my heroes Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran were before, is just surreal. I'm definitely expecting a free pint in The Dragon in Tallaght now."

Among those who have been spotted enjoying Al Porter At Large are fellow comedians Jack Dee, Seann Walsh and Steve Coogan.

Although his career is on the up, Porter recently revealed he is unhappy with his appearance and will soon have surgery to alter his nose.

"I'm getting my nose fixed. I'm getting a nose job," he said.

"I have a deviated septum so they decided they're going to break my nose and reset it so I'll be able to breathe properly again."

"I asked them would they be able to do anything cosmetic and they said it would cost more, but they can do cosmetic work at the same time.

"They might as well. So I'm going to get a new nose. I'm going smaller, more petite.

"I'm insecure about my nose. I practically put paint on my face before I leave the house.

"I put on make-up before I go and buy a pint of milk. I would be insecure about my looks and I think if I can fix my nose I would feel more comfortable," he said.