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Allotment shed beats disco and pub hideaways

AN eco-friendly shack made from recycled waste, whose roof is used to grow vegetables, has taken the title of Shed Of The Year.

The Allotment Roof shed - built in north London by Joel Bird - beat off an outdoor disco and cosy mini-pubs to take the annual UK award, which attracted 2,000 entries.

The winner, which includes solar lighting and a wood-burning stove, was announced in a Channel 4 programme, hosted by architect George Clarke.

Mr Bird(39) who has a business building bespoke sheds, grows an array of vegetables on top and uses the main space for a studio to paint and make music. He collected €1,250 for his win.

He said: "Sheds are no longer just places for men to escape to, they are transforming the way people live their lives and subsequently how they see themselves. I'm hoping to use the award to promote the benefits of a more sustainable life."

The competition was judged by Amazing Spaces presenter George Clarke and his team.